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Want to know why your water-cooled systems are malfunctioning? The typical answer is scale buildup. Regular engine descaling can help to keep your boat in good working order, and products from TRAC Ecological will make the process simple and effective.

Scale buildup is caused by hard or mineralized fresh water that runs continuously through your systems. Mineral molecules within the water combine with water molecules to form what is commonly referred to as hard water.  As this water moves through systems the minerals disengage from the water molecules and settle on a variety of surfaces, and this scale can build up within your boat systems and cause a lot of damage.

Marine Descaling

A lot of people try to deal with calcium buildup in lines by adding vinegar or other mainstream acidic products like muriatic acid. The idea behind this is PH – a desire to make the water acidic to remove then flush out the systems. But these products are not made for this specific application and can cause damage to your overall systems – especially with so many connections made of silicone and metal. TRAC Ecological’s Marine Descaler is a safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable fresh water scale remover designed specifically for boats. The product does not employ the use of harsh acids. Instead, TRAC’s Descaler uses an innovative formulation of Phosphoric acid which actually changes the PH of the water to gently remove scales without causing damage to the system.

All-in One Head System Descaling, Boiler Descaler, HVAC Descaling, Engine Descaling and Heat Exchanger Descaler

You could take apart your whole system and replace it with new lines, but this requires an extended period of downtime, and boat builders make it pretty close to impossible to reach all of the parts. Our Descaler penetrates every hard to reach area, allowing you to remove years of scale build up and restoring your system to like-new condition – all without causing damage to pipes, seals, and gaskets.

Visit the TRAC Ecological website to learn more about our Descaler line of products.

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