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Even the biggest boats have tight spaces, and this allows smells to permeate pretty quickly. If you have an odor on your boat, there’s most likely a reason. TEAgel boat air freshener is a natural air purifier specifically made for marine applications. It can be placed anywhere in the room, as it does not require airflow, and the slow releasing of vapors goes to work quickly to degrade mold, mildew, and bacteria.

While TEAgel does a tremendous job of freshening the air, it is imperative that you perform proper boat maintenance to ensure that stinky odors are not a clue to a bigger problem. Lack of ventilation is a common problem in smaller spaces, so make sure that you are running solar fans and vents regularly. If you smell any sanitation odors, check for hose leaks immediately. Remember that the smell of a permeated hose is completely different that the smell of leaked waste, so get to the source quickly to ascertain the problem.

A cheese-like odor on your boat usually indicates a bilge problem. This can be as simple as a shower leak or build-up from hair, soap, and sweat. A sulfurous smell (rotten eggs) generally comes from a/c condensation, a drain problem, or old bilge water that is not being flushed overboard effectively. If you smell diesel on your boat, look to the fuel system and schedule a repair immediately to prevent further damage to the boat, as well as environmental harm.

And lastly, don’t forget about the galley. Food can get stuck behind drawers or left too long in refrigerators or cabinets. In small spaces, smells permeate quickly and often linger in the upholstery and wood inside your boat for long periods of time.

TEAgel is a wonderful alternative to other air fresheners, which typically use chemicals to neutralize smells in the air or overwhelming perfumes that simply mask odors for a short time. TEAgel actually cleans the air, leaving behind the pleasant smell of authentic tea tree oil. TEAgel is all natural and will not cause headaches or other issues that are common with traditional air freshening products. Learn more about Trac’s famous tea tree oil air purifier to see if this product is right for you.

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