TRAC'S Professional Service

Trac Ecological's professional service department specializes in internal, in-place cleaning, of all your vital onboard equipment!


For our first twenty years TRAC's main focus was providing service. Handling anything from small auxiliary engines on recreational vessels to super critical piping systems within nuclear power plants we have gained the trust of thousands of satisfied customers. Through years of experience, techniques have been refined and tools have been designed to make most jobs easy enough for our customers to complete themselves. Nevertheless sometimes professional assistance is required. Whether it's a lack of available personnel or a specific time frame allotted, TRAC's service department provides prompt professional service.

Our services are offered through our main facility that is located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, or our network of Trac Certified Service Dealers located throughout the world. Trac Certified Technicians are trained and well adapted to working onboard some of the finest vessels, to working on petrochemical or nuclear power plants. All of our equipment & procedures has been extensively field tested to ensure safe, fast and reliable service.


Call upon TRAC for service on…

·         Main & auxiliary engine fresh water cooling systems

·         Main & auxiliary engine sea water cooling systems

·         Air conditioning & refrigeration condenser coils

·         Seawater piping systems and sea chests

·         Potable & drinking water systems

·         Waste water piping/systems

·         Heat exchangers

·         Cooling towers

·         Keel coolers

·         Chillers

·         Boilers

·         Tanks


Most applications can be completed onsite within one to two days and require very little dismantling of the equipment. In some cases the equipment doesn't even need to be taken offline!

We offer our professional services locally in south Florida, but with our ever expanding list of TRAC Certified Service Dealers™, help is only a phone call away! Search our Dealer Locator page to find dealer near you!