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Putting the Environment First

TRAC Ecological’s founders had one primary goal when developing our product line: to minimize the impact boaters have on the environment.  TRAC’s marine cleaning products have been carefully formulated to ensure that they do not harm our customers, their equipment or the environment.

All of TRAC’s eco-friendly descalers, cleaners and degreasers are non-toxic, biodegradable and soluble in water.   And most of our products feature organically-based solutions containing only food-grade materials.  All of TRAC’s products can be safely disposed down regular sewer drains.

When used as directed, our marine cleaning solutions will preserve the properties of most surfaces including plastic, rubber, fiberglass, vinyl and wood and will not harm paint or metals (with the exception of zinc-based metals). Aluminum designed for use within water systems is also compatible with all TRAC products.

What Makes TRAC

Products Different?

TRAC is the only marine cleaning solution manufacturer to use phosphoric acid as an activator in its cleaners and descalers.  Phosphoric acid is commonly found in food additives, beverages, catalysts, metal surface treatments and phosphates.   In a dilute state, phosphoric acid is non-toxic and biodegradable.  It has a sour taste similar to food acids like citric acid.  In fact, phosphoric acid is widely used in cola to enhance tart flavoring.  Phosphoric acid is also used as a cleaner for dairy equipment and as a purification reagent in sugar refining.

In marine cleaning products, phosphoric acid facilitates the removal of water scale and deposits.  When used alone, phosphoric acid is not powerful enough to dissolve scale and buildup, but in developing our innovative cleaners, TRAC modified the acid’s properties, creating the safest yet most effective marine cleaners on the market.

All of TRAC’s products undergo rigorous testing to ensure both environmental compliance and user safety. TRAC’s products have passed the California Department of Health Services Bioassay for Hazardous Waste Test and meet strict NSF International Stands 60 requirements, as well.

Do you have questions about TRAC Ecological’s eco-friendly descalers, cleaners and degreasers? Contact us today to learn more.