Trac's Impeller Puller Kit


A revolutionary precision puller for the professionals. It will pull all rubber impellers, gears, bearings etc. from 1” to 3” diameter.
Pulls with up to 2 tons of torque! 

- CNC machined from 45C tool steel treated with a Titanium Nitride coating to improve rust resistance
- Replaces most of your standard pullers in one compact, easy-to-use system
- Precise and secure gripping of any object to be pulled.
- Precision adjustment of arms and self-centering center block ensure even and parallel pulling from both sides.
- New vertical thumbscrew locking bolt quickly secures pulling arms for easy set-up.
- Horizontal locking bolt presses and secures the metal multi tooth pulling arms into the impeller surface – eliminating any slip.
- Unique groove system holds puller arms in perfect alignment.
- Truss head screw holds puller arms securely and allows for fast exchange of arms.
- Parallel arm design reaches easily into most types of housings.

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