Sew Clean

Sew Clean


Clogs and nasty odors is an unpleasant reality in the marine industry. Seeing a need for an effective cleaner for black water systems, we’ve formulated Sew Clean. It is the best and most proven method of removing any build up of uric scale in black water systems. Formulated to target uric scale and clean sewage systems form toilet to tank, this proven solution can dissolve clogs causing plumbing to overflow and create nasty odors. Sew Clean builds upon the proven Barnacle Buster™ formula and takes it one step further. Special attention has been given to ensure that foam and bacteria are significantly reduced while flushing. Like all of TRAC ’s products, Sew Clean® is non toxic, biodegradable and safe to use on all types of material commonly found in Black water systems.


Sew Clean™ has been formulated to provide impeccable results without removing any piping or create a mess.

NO MESS: gone are the days of dismantling toilet systems for cleaning, SEW Clean requires no dismantling.

NOT A TREATMENT PRODUCT: SEW Clean is a black water system cleaner, not a sewage treatment chemical. There is nothing like it on the market today.

SAFE FOR EQUIPMENT: SEW Clean is non-corrosive to all metals, plastics, gaskets and other materials commonly found in black water systems.

THE ENVIROMENT FIRST: Like all of TRAC’s products, SEW Clean is 100% biodegradable, safe and completely non-toxic.

EASILY DISPOSED: Like all of TRAC’s products, SEW Clean can be easily disposed of overboard.


Where to Buy

*TRAC Ecological products are proudly manufactured in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Pricing on this page represents the manufactures suggested retail price for the USA. Prices may vary from region to region; contact your local supplier for details.

Technical Data
  • Q. How much Sew Clean do I use?

    A. Starting with the highest head to the lowest head, add 1 quart of Sew Clean per head and flush each head once.

  • Q. How long should I let Sew Clean sit in my system?

    A. The mixed solution should stay in the system for 6-12 hours, not to exceed 24 hours.

  • Q. Do I need to flush my system after treatment?

    A. Yes, flush each head a minimum of 10 times to remove any loosened residue.

  • Q. Can I use Sew Clean with other sewage additives?

    A. No, Sew Clean should be used solely on its own. The black water tank will need to pumped out and the sewage treatments replaced after each Sew Clean application.

  • Q. How do I clean my holding tank with Sew Clean?

    A. To best determine the amount of Sew Clean need to clean your holding tank we would need to know the capacity of your tank. Sew Clean works best on tanks if diluted 4:1. Four parts water, one part Sew Clean.

    It is best if you try to flush your tank with water a couple of time before using Sew Clean as to first remove any loose waste. This way Sew Clean can go to work on the buildup directly on the tank walls.

  • Q. How do I use Sew Clean with a Vacuflush System?

    A. First you will need to shut off your vacuflush system at the breaker. Add one quart of Sew Clean per head and flush. Let the mixed solution sit 6 to 12 hours then fresh water flush each head a few times. We recommend pumping the tank shortly after the process has been completed.

  • Q. Is Sew Clean safe for a septic system?

    A. Sew clean will by nature kill all bacteria that it comes in contact with however most often it is diluted far beyond the ability to do this once introduced into a septic tank. To be sure, you might want to flush some fresh septic enzymes a day or so after Sew Clean has been in your system.

  • Q. Can I use Sew Clean is a waterless urinal?

    A. Although Sew Clean was not intended for usage in waterless urinals and is not labeled as so, we’ve had some customers that have used it for this application with great results. The application consists of diluting the product to a 4:1 dilution ratio, filling and saturating the toilet for 4 to 8 hours, and then rinsing with fresh water.

    There are 3 main types of waterless urinals on the market at the moment and the one way valve systems works great with Sew Clean. For the Barrier Fluid urinals, the cartridge would need to be removed prior to the appliance as they often contain oil and that would affect the product negatively, and Microbiological urinals will need to have the microbial spores replenish once the application is completed.

    Also note that since uric scale is corrosive and can cause copper piping within the walls to fail fairly rapidly, so if said piping has not been upgraded when the waterless urinals where installed, using Sew Clean will cause it to clean said corrosion therefore making the problem worse, so please keep that in mind. Based on the size of most septic tanks, Sew clean should not pose a threat.

  • Q. Will Trac's solutions attack by gaskets, seals or plastics?

    A. NO! All of our solutions are specifically formulated for these types of applications. These materials can actually stay in full contact with the products for several weeks without being corrupted.


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