Sea Flush

Sea Flush fits popular sea strainers

Calcium and lime build up as little as 1/64” thick in your heat exchanger or oil cooler will effect the heat transfer from your engine’s antifreeze to the raw water flowing through the heat exchanger. This mild buildup often results in engines running hotter than normal at higher RPMs.

Keep in mind that in a typical marine engine, the raw water runs through and oil cooler, transmission oil cooler, engine heat exchanger, exhaust manifold, muffler then exits the boat through the exhaust outlet. With Sea Flush, you’re able to introduce a liquid marine growth remover, such as Barnacle Buster®, to the critical cooling points without removing parts or even hoses. We suggest descaling periodically as part of a preventive maintenance plan. 


Sea Flush fits popular sea strainers with inside openings that range from 1.6" to 5". This covers the vast majority of sea strainers on the market including Perco and Groco.  The snorkel is included with this kit. 




*This product is manufactured in the USA. Overseas pricing may vary due to freight, customs and import/export fees. Please contact your local representative for more details. 

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Sea Flush



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