Rids your potable water system of odors and discoloration. PSR has been formulated to rid your potable fresh water system of odors & discoloration by attacking the source.

Scale builds on low lying, flat sections of your system, allowing bacteria to form. PSR targets these areas and brings new life to your system. Use PSR to remove hard water stains, lime scale, rust, or any other mineral based scales deposits.

If you have ever seen what contaminated fresh water looks like than you can appreciate what PSR can do. Originally designed to cure problems within municipal drinking water system, PSR has been specially formulated to meet strict NSF requirements. All of our descalers are built on our proven formula which provides a safe, non-toxic & biodegradable solution. PSR™ takes it one step further by only using food grade rated materials. This gives you piece of mind knowing that your system will remain safe for drinking.

MEETS NSF REQUIREMENTS: PSR has been formulated to meet strict NSF requirements for use with in municipal drinking water systems. This is a Marine Industry first!!

THE ENVIRONMENT FIRST: Like all of TRAC’s products, PSR is 100% biodegradable, safe and completely non-toxic.

MAINTENANCE MADE EASY: Using PSR to clean your water system allows for a totally new way of system cleaning. Traditional cleaning: replace clogged screens, fittings and hoses. Clean system with bleach or vinegar. Using PSR: ½ day down time, simply fill tank and run through system using your existing pump!

SAFE FOR EQUIPMENT: PSR is non-corrosive to all metals, plastics, gaskets and other materials commonly found in potable water systems. PSR passed the California Department of Health Services (DOHS) Bioassay for Hazardous waste (Title 22)

Using our Advance Descaling Technology™ you can clean your entire system while enjoying, minimal dismantling, reduced downtime, & substantial cost savings.

See our FAQS and Help Files below for more information.

Where to Buy

*TRAC Ecological products are proudly manufactured in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Pricing on this page represents the manufactures suggested retail price for the USA. Prices may vary from region to region; contact your local supplier for details.

Technical Data
  • Q. How much PSR should I use?

    A. PSR is sold in concentrated form. One gallon of PSR will treat approximately 30-40 gallons of potable water.

  • Q. Is PSR safe for plastic and rubber?

    A. PSR will not harm the properties of most surfaces including plastic, metal, rubber, fiberglass, wood, vinyl or paint.

  • Q. How do I apply PSR?

    A. Please refer to the PSR Technical Data Sheet in the Help Files for full instructions.


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