Pro Flush XL ®

Great for small marinas or maintenance companies

Originally designed 15 years ago, the Pro-Flush (XL)® was TRAC’s only answer when it came to flushing needs.

Today the Pro-Flush (XL)® is joined by a line of flushing equipment and effectively bridges the gap between the Port-O-Flush® and the Pro-Flush Mobil® combining the best of both worlds.

Built on a rugged, lightweight platform with 8” pneumatic tires, the Pro-Flush (XL)® is both portable and highly maneuverable. But don’t let its size fool you, the Pro-Flush (XL)® can handle big jobs! With a built in filter and pressure regulator, versatility is standard on all Pro-Flush (XL)® units. Available with the same centrifugal pump configuration employed on the Pro-Flush Mobil®, the Pro-Flush XL® only sacrifices tank size making it perfect for applications where trailer access is impossible.

The Pro-Flush is perfect for:

  • Engines    
  • Boilers    
  • Black water systems    Generators
  • HVAC systems    
  • Piping systems    
  • Gray water systems    
  • Heat exchangers
  • On-site service    
  • In-house service    
  • Refinery service    
  • Ship-board service


Anti-corrosive platform with 8” pneumatic tires. Open head nylon tank with gallon readings. Available in 110/20VAC 50/60 cycle.

Dimensions: Length: 44.59" Width: 24.25" Height: 55.12"

Optional Equipment: 1” Ultra-force hose, fitted with 1”npt threaded connections. Safety cut-off flow-switch plumbed into return line. Flange & fitting field kit.

The Pro-Flush® has been designed for use with any of TRAC’s environmentally friendly products.
Careful attention has been given to ensure safety of both you and your equipment.


Please call toll free 866-923-8722 for pricing. 




*Trac Ecological products are manufactured in the USA. Overseas pricing may vary due to freight, customs and import/export fees. Please contact your local representative for more details. 

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