We designed the Port-O-Flush to be a compact yet powerful tool built right into a rugged hand truck! Although other systems are portable, only the Port-O-Flush can easily navigate rough or uneven terrain and get into tight areas with ease.

Port-O-Flush is our most popular flushing system with our dealers & service technicians.

Without a doubt the Port-O-Flush is professional grade. From its tough schedule 80 construction to its flow control system, every aspect of the Port-O-Flush has been designed with the professional in mind.

Port-O-Flush provides portability and versatility while still efficiently handling small to medium size engines, heat exchangers, air conditioning & refrigeration systems.

Use Port-O-Flush to cure:

  • ● Engine overheat (engines up to 1800 HP)
  • ● Clogged pipes (piping up to 3″)
  • ● Poor heat transfer on air conditioning & refrigeration systems
  • ● Small parts cleaning
  • ● Small black water systems

Design Highlights include:

  • ● High density polyethylene 15-gallon container
  • ● High density polyethylene hand truck with pneumatic tires
  • ● Anti-corrosive centrifuge pump with pressure regulator
  • ● Flow reversing valves
  • ● Tough schedule 80 PVC anti-corrosive fittings construction

Trac Ecological’s advanced descaling systems provide an environmental answer to internal, in-place cleaning, of all your vital onboard equipment!

The Port-O-Flush has been engineered for use with TRAC’s line of environmentally friendly products. Careful attention has been given to ensure safe operation, protecting not only you but the equipment being flushed as well. The Port-O-Flush has a unit application range of 10-40 gallons.

This unit is to be used with TRAC products only. Warranty is voided upon use of any other chemical.

PH Strips
Test for acid content
PH strips will determine the amount of acidity when mixing TRAC’s concentrated formulas. The amount of PH tested per strip is 0.0 – 6.0.

*This product is manufactured in the USA. Overseas pricing may vary due to freight, customs and import/export fees. Please contact your local representative for more details.

Pro Flush Mobil
South Florida Mobile Flushing Unit
Designed to handle ANY size flushing application, TRAC’s Pro-Flush Mobil™ is a very powerful tool employing only the highest quality parts and accessories.

TRAC has introduced some very innovative design concepts on the Pro-Flush Mobil™ in efforts to provide the user with the most versatile flushing unit on the market today.

Versatility means you have full control over line pressure. Anywhere from -30PSG to 55PSI you can dial in line pressure to ensure you do not overcome system design pressure on.

With the ability to vacuum flush a system, Pro-Flush Mobil™ becomes indispensable when servicing systems that normally operate under vacuum. This means not having to remove equipment to cap lines or worry about spilling product. Black water jobs are done in half the time!

Using Pro-Flush Mobil™ means the ability to perform up to four independent applications simultaneously! Service both fresh and salt water sides of an engine cooling system, or clean a chiller plant while flushing a black water line! The possibilities are endless when you have Pro-Flush Mobil™.

Specifications: Tandem axel trailer with fiberglass secondary containment flooring. Flow control system provides flow reversing & pressure regulating. Stainless steel gauges mounted on all supply & discharge lines. Anti-corrosive eductor provides vacuum flushing capabilities. Two 1.5” high output 110/220VAC (2) Hp centrifugal pumps. Aluminum storage rack custom made for tools & fitting bins. High flow filter, bag type, with bypass valve.

The Pro-Flush Mobil is perfect for:

  • ● Engines
  • ● Generators
  • ● HVAC systems
  • ● Heat exchangers
  • ● Boilers
  • ● Refinery service
  • ● Black water systems
  • ● Gray water systems
  • ● Piping systems
  • ● On-site service

Optional Equipment: 1” Ultra-force hose, fitted with 1”npt threaded connections Safety cut-off flow-switch plumbed into return line Product immersion heater kit Schedule 40 PVC construction In-line digital PH meter Flange & fitting field kit Onboard generator Secondary filter Flat jaw vise Tool box

The Pro-Flush™ has been designed for use with any of TRAC’s environmentally friendly products. Careful attention has been given to ensure safety of both you and your equipment.

Please call 866-923-8722 toll free, for pricing and availability.


Where to Buy

*TRAC Ecological products are proudly manufactured in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Pricing on this page represents the manufactures suggested retail price for the USA. Prices may vary from region to region; contact your local supplier for details.

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