March 10, 2015
TRAC Ecological Green Products

Spring Maintenance Tip from TRAC Ecological
Flush Water Systems Now To Avoid Engine,
Air Conditioning and Piping Problems Later

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA) – An overheated engine, air conditioning that doesn’t cool, or a clogged head can quickly put an end to a good day on the water for boat owners.

ccording to TRAC Ecological, a leading supplier of environment-friendly water system maintenance products, a good way to avoid these types of problems would be to include flushing your systems with TRAC’s products during your spring commissioning.

Marine growth & scale build-up are two of the leading causes of water-cooled equipment failures. Traditional methods of cleaning (such as mechanical brushing or harsh acids) can damage equipment and can be potentially harmful to the user and the environment.

A growing network of servicing dealers across the US and Europe has been specially trained to use the company’s unique line of safe, biodegradable chemicals to efficiently and economically dissolve scale, barnacles, zebra mussels, calcium, rust, lime and other mineral deposits that can reduce water flow. To find a service dealer nearest you, visit www.trac-online.com/locator. For do-it-yourselfers, these products are available at most marine supply stores.

The following TRAC products are specifically designed to prevent the most common water system problems.

TRAC spring maintenance products

Barnacle Buster® is a safe, non-toxic and biodegradable marine growth remover specifically formulated for cleaning seawater cooled equipment. With minimal dismantling required, Barnacle Buster can be safely re-circulated through seawater cooling systems, dissolving barnacles, zebra mussels, calcium, rust, lime & all other mineral deposits all without harming your equipment’s gaskets, seals, plastics or metals.

TRAC Descaler® is a safe, biodegradable scale remover designed specifically to dissolve water scale & deposits from within fresh water cooling systems such as chill loops and freshwater cooled engine circuits.

Sew Clean® is the most effective means of removing uric scale from deep inside black water systems. Formulated specifically to clean sewage systems from toilet to tank, this product will dissolve clogs which cause plumbing to overflow and create nasty odors.

PSR® rids potable water systems of odors & discoloration by attacking the source. Scale builds on low lying, flat sections of systems, allowing bacteria to form. PSR® targets & removes these areas, bringing new life to fresh water systems.

For more information about TRAC Ecological products, visit www.trac-online.com or call 1+954.987.2722.

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