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During boating season, it’s important to conduct a fresh water flush on your boat’s engine after each use. A fresh water flush prevents a buildup of marine growth, mineral deposits, sand, silt and other contaminants that can decrease the life and performance of your engine and cause your engine to overheat.

Engine overheating can be caused by a worn or damaged raw water pump impeller, but overheating can also be caused by debris left in your system. Debris such as sand, salt or unwanted marine growth like barnacles or zebra mussels can reduce flow, which can lead to persistent overheating.

Regular system cleaning and flushing is very important to help you avoid engine overheating and costly repairs.  In addition to fresh water flushing, marine cleaners should be included in periodic more thorough flushes as a part of overall system maintenance. Regular system cleaning is important to remove barnacles, zebra mussels, calcium, rust, lime and other mineral deposits that can cause system overheating issues.

Trac Ecological provides a quick and effective solution for regular system cleaning and maintenance.  Our Barnacle Buster marine descaler quickly and easily removes marine growth that can cause overheating. When used with one of our flushing units, thorough engine flushing is quick and easy.

Trac Ecological’s Barnacle Buster marine growth remover comes in both premixed and concentrated formulas. This biodegradable cleaner can be safely recirculated through all sea water cooling systems.

And Trac Ecological flushing units are available in four sizes – a compact flushing unit and a portable dockside flushing unit which work best for small to medium size engines, heat exchangers, and air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and our large yacht flushing unit and large system flushing unit which are perfect for larger flushing jobs including refinery service and larger boat systems.

Most cleaning and flushing projects using the flushing units and our marine cleaning products can be completed within four hours, making this cleaning system a fast and effective way to prevent engine overheating and prolong the life and performance of your boat.

Learn more about Trac Ecological’s marine cleaning products and flushing units.

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