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A dependable and fast-acting marine descaler product is an invaluable part of a boat maintenance routine. It is important to find a product that quickly dissolves water scale, marine growth and other deposits.  Keeping your boat free of unwanted deposits and buildup not only improves efficiency, it also conserves energy, reduces overall costs and extends the life of your equipment.

All systems that have contact with seawater tend to accumulate unwanted buildup and marine growth such as barnacles and zebra mussels.  Even the smallest amount of buildup can significantly reduce system flow and can cause serious damage and overheating.

The accumulation of calcium inside a heat exchanger can even function as an insulator, reducing the transfer of heat between seawater and refrigerant. Therefore, descaling and cleaning the hoses, pipes and components of your marine air conditioner is necessary to prevent overheating problems and the wear of your equipment.

Trac Ecological offers a full line of eco-friendly, fast-acting boat descaler products. All products are formulated and tested to meet the highest environmental and industry standards.

Barnacle Buster concentrate:  Barnacle Buster is the number one selling marine descaler in the world.  Formulated to meet an industry-wide need for a fast, safe, cost-effective alternative to mechanical cleaning of seawater cooled equipment, using this product means minimal system dismantling is required.  Barnacle Buster dissolves barnacles, zebra mussels, calcium, lime, rust and other mineral deposits.  Barnacle Buster concentrate must be diluted before use.

Barnacle Buster premixed: Flushing your engine at least once a year is good preventative maintenance, especially for engines with flexible rubber impellers.  Marine growth is the most common cause of impeller failure.  Premixed Barnacle Buster makes engine cleaning and flushing fast and simple.

Trac’s Descaler concentrate: Formulated to be safely used within engines, cooling towers, boilers and other systems re-circulating water, Trac Descaler was designed specifically for fresh and brackish water applications. The product will not harm gaskets, seals, plastics or metals. One gallon of this descaler concentrate will make five to 10 gallons of ready-to-use solution.

Trac’s Descaler premixed: Our descalers do not use any harsh acids. Instead, Trac’s Descaler products use a mild Phosphoric Acid that is the safest and most effective descaler on the market.  This ready-to-use mild solution cleans hard to reach areas, removes years of scale buildup and restores your system to original condition…all without causing damage to piping, seals or gaskets.  Though some may attempt mechanical system cleaning, chemical cleaning is the only proven method to thoroughly clean your entire system.

Sew Clean black water system cleaner:  Are you seeking a safe and environmentally-friendly way to remove clogs and odors from your black water system and prevent plumbing overflow?  Sew Clean removes uric scale, clogs and unpleasant odors without requiring you to dismantle your system.  Non-toxic and biodegradable, Sew Clean thoroughly quickly and easily cleans black water systems via immersion or circulation and can be disposed via regular sewer system.

PSR portable water system cleaner: In portable water systems, scale can build on low-lying flat sections of the system. This gives an opportunity for bacteria to form, which leads to odors, discoloration and contaminated water.  Trac’s PSR portable water system cleaner – which removes hard water stains, lime scale, rust and other mineral-based scale deposits – was originally design for municipal drinking water systems, and the product meets strict NSF requirements. Safe, non-toxic and biodegradable, PSR uses only food-grade rated materials, ensuring that your water will remain safe for drinking.

Offering a wide range of cleaning and descaling products for a variety of settings, Trac Ecological provides a comprehensive line of marine industry solutions.

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