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Little compares to a day spent out on the water, enjoying a nice breeze and relaxing in the sun without a care in the world. Make sure your boat is ready for at any time by performing routine maintenance, especially if you use it frequently. Not only does maintenance ensure your boat is ready to go at any time, but it clues you in to any bigger problems, like mechanical issues, or structural damage.


Keep your boat running like new with these top maintenance tips!


  1. Give your boat a good freshwater rinse every one or two trips. This is arguably the simplest step and will keep your boat looking like new for years down the road. The key word here is freshwater! Spray down your boat with a hose to prevent corrosion and build up from salt water.[1]


  1. Check the battery and all connections. Check your battery power with a voltmeter, and replace any that don’t have enough charge. It’s not worth risking a dead battery miles from land, coupled with a pricey tow back to shore. Be sure to check battery connections as well, and replace anything with signs of severe corrosion. If it’s the off-season, take your battery out, give it a good clean, then charge and store it safely for the season. [2]


  1. Change your oil regularly. The frequency depends upon your boat, so be sure to look up your model and find the recommended length of time between oil changes. Check your oil every so often between changes – if it comes out black, it’s time for another change.


  1. Descale the bottom of the boat (and anywhere else that needs it). Every so often it’s important to pull your boat out of the water and give the bottom a good cleaning. We recommend using our Barnacle Buster for a non-toxic, environmentally friendly clean – it’s powerful enough to remove barnacles, mineral deposits, zebra mussels, and anything else that may be tagging along on the hull.


  1. Check the propeller. Any time your boat is out of the water, and even if it’s not, take some time to detach the propeller. Take a look and clean out any build up, organic material, or trash that has made its way into your propeller. If you find your propeller is damaged, it’s time to head to the shop.[3]


With a wide selection of environmentally-friendly products guaranteed to get the job done, TRAC Ecological is here to help with any of your marine maintenance needs. Head to our website to learn more about our products or find the dealer closest to you.

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