Trac FLUSHcaps

Designed to fit GROCO ARG strainers

Available in three sizes to fit any GROCO ARG Strainer, TRAC’s FLUSHcaps make flushing your raw water cooled equipment a snap! 

Temporarily replacing your existing strainer cap with a FLUSHcap will allow you to easily connect a
Port-O-Flush Jr.® or garden hose to your system.  Use TRAC’s FLUSHcaps to flush you raw water cooled equipment with Barnacle Buster®, fresh water, or to aid in winterizing your system. 


NOTE: Not intended to replace your existing strainer cap, for flushing use only.  



  • Small Unit  - Fits GROCO ARG 500, 750 & 755 strainers  (2 1/4" diameter)
  • Medium Unit - Fits GROCO ARG 1000, 1210 & 1250 strainers   (2 1/2" diameter)
  • Large Unit - Fits GROCO ARG 1500, 2000, 2500, 2515, 2520, 3000, 3015, 3020 & 3025 strainers  (3 1/4" diameter)




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*TRAC Ecological products are proudly manufactured in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Pricing on this page represents the manufactures suggested retail price for the USA.  Prices may vary from region to region; contact your local supplier for details. 

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Trac FLUSHcaps



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