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As the weather warms, our thoughts return to the water. It’s time to get the boats ready for the season, but where do you start? Trac Ecological offers a variety of green products for boaters and retailers alike, allowing you to get out on the water in tip-top shape.

Wash Winter Away – Using the Right Products

Spring is a great time to give your boat a good cleaning. Wash, wax, and detail your boat thoroughly to leave the winter grime behind and step into spring with a sparkle. It’s important to use the right products, however. Never use non-marine products on your boat. Household cleaners are not made for the specific finishes used in marine application and can cause damage to a variety of surfaces. Instead, use green products like our GreenClean Boat Soap.

Charge Your Battery and Do a Safety Check

Check to make sure that all systems are operating properly. Your boat is a series of systems all designed to work together – but if one goes down, it affects the whole. Carefully check the oil and coolant in both your main engine and generator. Look for corrosion on the battery and ascertain the charge. Don’t forget the smaller parts of the boat that keep things running smoothly by completing checks on the trailer and navigation lights, the boat’s horn, and all safety equipment – such as your life jackets and first aid kit.

Get the Insides Clean as Well

It’s not just about looking good on the water. Make sure all of your boat’s inner sea water systems are clean and ready by performing a flush with Barnacle Buster on your main engines, generator and air conditioning. Your engine’s sea water cooling system plays an important role when you need full power from your engine, so make sure to keep an eye on those temps, and if they start going up, make sure to inspect the entire raw water system.

Don’t Forget the Registration

Depending on your state laws and guidelines, both your boat and trailer may need to be inspected to ensure they meet safety standards for highway and waterway travel. Research the guidelines for your area specifically, and don’t forget to include any area you wish to travel to this season. This process avoids unwanted tickets and fees.

Boating is an enjoyable activity for the entire family, but proper marine maintenance is imperative to keep repairs at bay and bring fun to the forefront. Locate a Trac Ecological Green Products dealer close to you, and you’ll be ready to step into summer with confidence.

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