To provide innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to common maintenance problems while working towards a cleaner and more harmonious relationship between industries and the environment.

Developed in Canada in 1981, TRAC’s products were initially formulated for the descaling of municipal water systems. Through the years, interest arose within industrial, commercial, and marine industries, which, in time, became our primary markets.

After much success throughout Canada, TRAC established a facility in the United States of America in 1996. Inspired by the success achieved in the industrial market, TRAC developed a line of products specifically formulated for all types of water cooled equipment and other commonly used maintenance products. In addition, specific cleaning techniques were developed to ensure proper cleaning. To date, a multitude of vessels, plants, utilities and contractors have taken advantage of TRAC’s advanced cleaning techniques.

Originally, TRAC’s main focus was on providing professional on-site descaling services. Through this, we have gained the trust of countless satisfied customers for handling anything from small auxiliary engines to super critical piping systems within nuclear power plant facilities.

Through years of experience, techniques have been refined and tools have been designed to make most jobs easy enough for our customers to complete themselves. Today with more and more customers performing their own applications, our main focus has shifted towards supplying our customers with the products, tools, and support they need. TRAC now offers a complete line of environmentally friendly chemicals and flushing systems readily available to provide new ways to look at water cooled system maintenance.

TRAC Ecological distributes its fine line of environmentally friendly solutions worldwide and is currently building a network of dealers & distributors.


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