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Did you know that marine growth buildup is the number one reason why water cooled marine equipment malfunctions? Stubborn marine growth deposits reduce equipment efficiency and can lead to equipment downtime and costly repairs.

A thin layer of marine growth of just 1/64 of an inch can result in a 15 percent decrease in system efficiency. And mechanical brushing with harsh acids – which are often used to remove buildup – can be harmful to the user, the boat and the environment.

Trac Ecological’s Barnacle Buster is a safe and non-toxic marine growth remover that has been specifically formulated to meet an industry-wide need for a fast, safe and cost effective alternative to mechanical cleaning of water-cooled marine equipment.

Barnacle Buster marine descaler can be safely used on all types of seawater cooled systems commonly found on boats today. And since it is biodegradable, Barnacle Buster can be safely disposed of down the drain.

Barnacle Buster comes in concentrated or premixed formulas and can safely be recirculated through sea water cooling systems to dissolve barnacles, zebra mussels, calcium, rust, lime and all other mineral deposits.

Barnacle Buster has an unlimited shelf life, and the product will remain active until it has been thoroughly used.  One gallon of the ready-to-use solution will absorb up to one and a half pounds of marine growth.

We suggest flushing your system with Barnacle Buster once a year as preventative maintenance, however if you live in a warmer climate, you may consider flushing even more often.

Regular system cleaning and flushing is very important to help you avoid engine overheating and costly repairs.  In addition to fresh water flushing, marine cleaners should be included in periodic more thorough flushes as a part of overall system maintenance.

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