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Marine Products Formulated with the Environment in Mind

We’re boaters too. The employees and scientists at TRAC Ecological love the water and are focused on the safety and preservation of our nation’s natural treasures. From sponsored waterway clean-ups to tireless education and instruction on the effective use of our products, we know it is worth it – because we want our children and…

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Welcome to Our New Website

Our goal has always been “nothing short of the best,” and after countless years in the industry we thought it was time to extend our best to our website. Trac Ecological Green Products is committed to excellence within the marine industry. Our brands stand on their own, backed by the knowledge of a team of…

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Top Secret Boating Destinations for This Summer

The dream of being alone on a deserted beach… I think it has crossed all of our minds. The hustle and bustle of daily life can be too much sometimes. Wouldn’t you like to go somewhere where nobody knows your name? Here’s a few places you might not know about, that will give you exactly…

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Seeing Red: Toxic Tides Harming Florida Coastal Waters

From the big bend of Florida’s Gulf Coast to the picturesque destination of Key West, the dreaded red tide continues to plague coastal waters on all sides of the Sunshine State. So what is red tide and what can you do to protect yourself? UNDERSTANDING RED TIDE Simply put, red tide, as described by Ocean…

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Sea Cow Sighting: What Can Boaters Do to Help Manatees?

If you’re boating in warmer waters, be on the lookout for giant floating potatoes, aka Manatees! Typically found in shallow coastal waters, the “teddy bears of the sea” are slow- moving herbivores and feed on sea grass, mangrove leaves and algae. Because of their size and similar slow-moving nature to the land-dwelling cow, manatees are…

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4 Ways You Can Help Coral Reefs

Coral reefs around the world are dying at alarming rates. Warmer waters from climate change, pollutants in the ocean and direct human contact are all contributing factors to the declining health of coral reefs. So what can you do to protect coral reefs while still being able to enjoy them? USE CORAL REEF-SAFE SUNSCREEN Many…

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