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Barnacle Buster

Easily and Quickly Remove Marine Growth From Your Boat

white speed boat image with a blue and white barnacle buster logo

Did you know that marine growth buildup is the number one reason why water cooled marine equipment malfunctions? Stubborn marine growth deposits reduce equipment efficiency and can lead to equipment downtime and costly repairs. A thin layer of marine growth of just 1/64 of an inch can result in a 15 percent decrease in system…

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Marine Descaler – Why You Need It

speed boat on the water with blue and white barnacle buster logo

A dependable and fast-acting marine descaler product is an invaluable part of a boat maintenance routine. It is important to find a product that quickly dissolves water scale, marine growth and other deposits.  Keeping your boat free of unwanted deposits and buildup not only improves efficiency, it also conserves energy, reduces overall costs and extends…

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Marine Engine Flush with Barnacle Buster and TRAC’s Flushing Units

Barnacle Buster is a wonderful tool for marine engine flushes but it must be partnered with a flushing unit in order to be applied correctly. Salt and brackish will create buildup such as marine growth when left unchecked, making it imperative to flush your system regularly to prevent this marine growth and mineral deposit that…

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Barnacle Buster For Regular Marine Cooling System Maintenance

Trac - Blog - Barnacle Buster for Regular Marine Cooling System Maintenance

According to the top specialists, the most frequent source of premature engine failure in a marine application is the cooling system. This system is designed to effectively remove heat but marine growth such as barnacles and zebra mussels, or calcium are the leading cause of engine over heat and failure, especially on engines with flexible…

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Barnacle Buster For Heat Exchanger Cleaning And Descaling

Trac - Blog - Barnacle Buster for Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Descaling

Raw water cooling systems are the gold standard for boats, adding to the resale value and allowing your boat to work well on the water. But, as with most good things, there is a downside. Heat exchangers and cooling systems need regular maintenance to keep calcium, rust, lime and other minerals from building up and…

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Bust Those Barnacles With Barnacle Buster

Trac - Blog - Bust those Barnacles with Barnacle Buster

Barnacles stick to everything – everything! From the underside of your boat to other sea life, even each other, barnacles use a fast-setting, cement-like secretion to adhere to just about anything. Barnacle removal is extremely difficult, and for good reason. Their secretion is the most powerful natural glue known, with a tensile strength of 5,000…

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