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Keep Your Boat Running Like New With These Top Maintenance Tips!

Little compares to a day spent out on the water, enjoying a nice breeze and relaxing in the sun without a care in the world. Make sure your boat is ready for at any time by performing routine maintenance, especially if you use it frequently. Not only does maintenance ensure your boat is ready to…

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Top Secret Boating Destinations for This Summer

The dream of being alone on a deserted beach… I think it has crossed all of our minds. The hustle and bustle of daily life can be too much sometimes. Wouldn’t you like to go somewhere where nobody knows your name? Here’s a few places you might not know about, that will give you exactly…

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Barnacle Buster For Regular Marine Cooling System Maintenance

Trac - Blog - Barnacle Buster for Regular Marine Cooling System Maintenance

According to the top specialists, the most frequent source of premature engine failure in a marine application is the cooling system. This system is designed to effectively remove heat but marine growth such as barnacles and zebra mussels, or calcium are the leading cause of engine over heat and failure, especially on engines with flexible…

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TEAgel Tea Tree Oil Purifier – The Best Natural Odor Eater

Trac - Blog- TEAgel Tea Tree Oil Purifier – The Best Natural Odor Eater

Even the biggest boats have tight spaces, and this allows smells to permeate pretty quickly. If you have an odor on your boat, there’s most likely a reason. TEAgel boat air freshener is a natural air purifier specifically made for marine applications. It can be placed anywhere in the room, as it does not require…

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Barnacle Buster For Heat Exchanger Cleaning And Descaling

Trac - Blog - Barnacle Buster for Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Descaling

Raw water cooling systems are the gold standard for boats, adding to the resale value and allowing your boat to work well on the water. But, as with most good things, there is a downside. Heat exchangers and cooling systems need regular maintenance to keep calcium, rust, lime and other minerals from building up and…

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Bust Those Barnacles With Barnacle Buster

Trac - Blog - Bust those Barnacles with Barnacle Buster

Barnacles stick to everything – everything! From the underside of your boat to other sea life, even each other, barnacles use a fast-setting, cement-like secretion to adhere to just about anything. Barnacle removal is extremely difficult, and for good reason. Their secretion is the most powerful natural glue known, with a tensile strength of 5,000…

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Getting Your Boat Ready For Summer? Here Are Our Top 4 Tips

Trac - Blog - Getting Your Boat Ready for Summer? Here are our Top 4 Tips

As the weather warms, our thoughts return to the water. It’s time to get the boats ready for the season, but where do you start? Trac Ecological offers a variety of green products for boaters and retailers alike, allowing you to get out on the water in tip-top shape. Wash Winter Away – Using the…

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Seeing Red: Toxic Tides Harming Florida Coastal Waters

From the big bend of Florida’s Gulf Coast to the picturesque destination of Key West, the dreaded red tide continues to plague coastal waters on all sides of the Sunshine State. So what is red tide and what can you do to protect yourself? UNDERSTANDING RED TIDE Simply put, red tide, as described by Ocean…

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Sea Cow Sighting: What Can Boaters Do to Help Manatees?

If you’re boating in warmer waters, be on the lookout for giant floating potatoes, aka Manatees! Typically found in shallow coastal waters, the “teddy bears of the sea” are slow- moving herbivores and feed on sea grass, mangrove leaves and algae. Because of their size and similar slow-moving nature to the land-dwelling cow, manatees are…

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